Using Keywords to Improve Your Page Rankings

   Search engines are powered by the words users enter when they conduct searches. These are called “keywords.”

Google and other search engines use keywords to provide the links to websites they think the user will find most helpful. These results are then ranked according to Google’s search engine algorithm.

By discovering the best keywords for your internet marketing niche and including them in strategic places on your web pages, you can improve your ranking on the Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs) for those keywords.

Conducting Keyword Research

Keyword research means finding the best keywords for your product niche. When you optimize your web pages with the best keywords, search engines like Google and Bing will index your pages and rank them higher, ideally in the top three spots.

If you use bad keywords or don’t optimize them correctly within your web pages, your pages will be ranked so low that nobody is going to find them.

The first step is to create an initial list of possible keywords. Basically, you will be brainstorming ideas. For example, if your product is a dog obedience course–which happens to be an evergreen niche–your initial list might include keywords like:

Dog obedience

Puppy house training

Canine obedience

How to train your dog

Dog training

Puppy obedience

Write down all the main categories of your niche and any other words or phrases that might fall under each of those categories, and then create as many variations as you can of those keywords.

Come up with the best list of both general and specific keywords that you can. You will test them later to see which ones are the most effective.

Make sure you pick between two and five words within your keyword phrases. Anything longer than that and the likelihood that people will type them into the search engine goes down. An exception to this rule is when you include “How do I …” or “Top 10 Ways to …” as part of your keywords. These tend to work pretty well. However, in most cases, your keyword phrases should be brief.

Finding the Most Successful Keywords

Ideally, the keywords you choose should be overripe and underexploited. In other words, they should be keywords that describe things that have a lot of people looking for products in that sub-niche, with not a lot of other people offering them. Find these and you can virtually print money.

Now you want to do monthly searches in keywords for your niche, and also find out how much competition each has. Google has a free Adwords Keyword Tool you can use to search for various keywords. Because Google has the biggest and most popular search engine, it makes sense to use its tools to find the best niches–especially when they’re free!

The next step is to find within this general niche those sub-niches that are overripe and underexploited.

Long Tail Keywords

Long tail keywords are the words and phrases users type in to search for a particular niche. They make it easier for you to hone in on the specific target audiences within your niche.

For example, they can be geographically based–such as “Atlanta dog obedience schools”–to make them more specific. Keep track of all the long tail keywords you find so you can focus on these secondary ones that still get a lot of searches but aren’t already being used by other marketers.

Keyword Placement

Where you place the keywords is really important. Search engines prefer to see your keywords and phrases in the headline, in sub-headlines, and in the first and last paragraphs.

Your primary keyword also should be included in your URL, or web address name.

WordPress has a handy All-in-One SEO Pack plug-in that automatically includes keywords in your metadata, which are the little descriptions beneath each link on Google. You also can use


to break up your page with headings and to let search engines know which keywords are important on your pages. Type one or more keywords into your image file name and also include it in the ALT text for the image for extra measure.

Keyword Saturation

In the remaining part of your page content, where you distribute them isn’t as important as long as you have the proper saturation level.

Include keywords within your content the optimal number of times, known as keyword saturation. Search engines give a higher ranking to pages that have keyword saturation of about 2%. If your web content is 500 words, your keywords should be included about 10 times:

500 (Total # of Words) x .02 (Optimal KW Saturation Rate) = 10.

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Search Engine Optimization Made Easy

   Search Engine Optimization, or SEO for short, is a phrase that describes how you make websites more appealing to Google and other search engines. The more useful Google thinks your page will be to its users, the higher it will rank your page on the Search Engine Results Page (SERP) for your niche’s keywords.

If your website is ranked on the first page–or better yet, in the number one spot–more users will click on your website than on any of the other pages. This can mean the difference between success and failure.

Your chief goal should be to get ranked in the number one position in the SERP for your keywords, or at the very least on the front page. If your site isn’t in the top spot–or at least on the first page–you can’t maximize traffic to your web pages, because less than 11% of all internet users ever navigate past the first page.

In most cases, they don’t even go past the first few results on the first page, which is why it is critical for your website to land at the top of the first page.

Elements of SEO

To get your website in the top spot or on the first page, you need to use both on-page and off-page SEO techniques.

On-page SEO includes such things as using the best keywords for your product niche on your web pages, especially in strategic places such as the title, headline, subheads, and first and final paragraphs of copy. Repeating your keyword so that it represents 2% to 3% of the total words on your web page–known as keyword saturation–is another effective on-page SEO technique.

What Search Engines Want

Examples of off-page SEO methods would include things like creating a large number of backlinks to your web page from sites the search engines consider to be “authoritative.”

Authoritative sites are the places people go when they are looking for answers, such as Wikipedia, or Web pages with suffixes like .edu and .gov are also considered to be authoritative sites.

Search engines will think your page is important if expert sites reference your web page.

The Google Algorithm

Google is the most important search engine on the Internet, representing about 65% of all searches worldwide.

Microsoft’s Bing search engine–which also powers Yahoo!–is the second largest search engine in the United States. In China and South Korea, its biggest competitors are Baidu and Soso. In Russia, it’s Yandex.

If you are working in the U.S., you should focus on improving your ranking on Google because all others use essentially the same criteria to index and rank web pages.

Updates to Google’s Search Engine Algorithm

In 2011 and 2012, Google updated the formula it uses to determine a page’s ranking. Prior to the updates–which were known as Panda and Penguin–Google valued the number of backlinks a page had, especially from authoritative sites.

But crafty Internet marketers figured this out and were able to create software that artificially created backlinks to their pages in order to inflate rankings. Google countered this by changing its search engines.

The Panda and Penguin updates assigned less weight to backlinks and more weight to social approval, which includes things like Facebook “Likes,” Twitter links, and especially Google+ +1’s.


Backlinks are still an important part of the way Google ranks pages, but not as important as they were before the Panda and Penguin updates. Having a lot of links to your pages from other pages will still increase your site’s SERP ranking, but it won’t increase it as much as having a lot of social approval signals will.

Authoritative Sites

Google wants to provide its users with sites that are genuinely going to be useful to that person. That’s one of the reasons why the algorithm was changed to give more weight to social approval.

Users decide which sites are useful and which are not by giving social signals like thumbs up, Likes, and so on. User favorites are ranked higher and considered to be authoritative.

Creating Backlinks from Authoritative Sites

One good way to improve your page rankings is to get backlinks from authoritative sites. To do this, leave comments in forums or blogs that have web addresses ending in .edu and .gov. Make sure you include a link back to your web page. The more relevant and valuable your posting, the more people will be likely to click on your link to learn more.

Or get your link posted on an or page so that every time somebody follows your link back to your page, its value increases incrementally on Google.

Beware of marketers who will offer to sell you thousands of backlinks to your pages for not very much money. Before Google updated its algorithm, this actually worked.

But now, these links aren’t going to help your ranking much. In fact, they could lower your ranking because Google now has filters that look for pages with artificial backlinks.

Instead, try to get backlinks from authoritative sites and devote your energy to getting more social approval signals for your pages.

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The 10-Step Structure for Sales Pages That Sell

   Sales pages take many different forms, but share the same basic structure:

1. Headline
2. Sub Headline
3. Presentation of the problem
4. Introduction of your product as the solution
5. Social Proof
6. Bonuses
7. Offer
8. Guarantee
9. Call to Action
10. P.S.

Creating Killer Headlines

Your headline is the first opportunity gaining your customer’s interest by making an emotional appeal to whatever problem they are trying to solve.

Headlines should be clear and easy to understand, should include your keywords, and need to attract the reader to keep reading further.

Presentation of the Problem

Right after the headline and sub headline, you want to present the problem that the customer is having, focusing especially on the customer’s pain.

For example, if your niche is dating and relationships, you could present the problem like this:

“Are you tired of striking out when it comes to the opposite sex? Do you get a tight feeling in your stomach whenever you see a happy couple because it makes you wonder if you will ever find the right mate?”

Introduction of Your Product as the Solution

On your sales page, your product should always be the best – or better yet, the only – solution to whatever problem you have just stated.

It’s critical that you portray your product as not just one of many possible solutions, but as the only solution that will give your customers the exact type of relief from whatever pain they are experiencing.

Social Proof

Social proof, also known as the “bandwagon approach,” is when you show your prospects how other people have benefitted from your product.

Social proof often takes the form of product reviews or testimonials. You also can include stories about people who have experienced profound improvements to their lives as a result of your product.


Bonuses aren’t always essential, but they can often help “sweeten the pot” and help customers make the decision to buy decision if they are on the fence. Usually, they are one or two additional products that are related to your primary product’s niche you throw in for free.

You can include anywhere from one to three bonuses. More than three can make it too confusing for the customer.

Make sure you assign a value to the bonus: “The WordPress dictionary ordinarily sells for $19 and the keyword software is worth $29, but they are yours for free if you purchase the main product now!” This lets you increase the perceived value of your offer.


You almost always want to offer a guarantee. For one, it’s just good business. If you aren’t backing up your products with a money-back guarantee, some people might wonder if there is something wrong with your products. Second, guarantees are so common that it will seem strange if you don’t offer one.

You want to limit your guarantee to 30- or 60-days from the day of sale so you don’t have customers coming back months or even years later looking for a refund. It’ a good idea to always provide refunds quickly if a customer requests it.

With digital products, you generally want to let them keep the product rather than send it back because it builds goodwill and makes them more likely to purchase more products from you in the future.

Offering a guarantee also removes risk for the customer: If they don’t like it, they can have their money back. Some people will buy your products and ask for refunds just so they can get the product for free, but not many, so it’s worth it to provide a guarantee every time.

Call to Action

Your Call to Action (CTA) is the most important part of your landing page. Your CTA is where you tell your customers exactly what it is you want them to do: Buy this product, subscribe to this website, and so on.

It is critical that your CTA is clear and to the point. There can be no ambiguity about what it is you want your customer to do. Even if you are a little forceful, that’s okay. Don’t suggest, tell.

By the time readers have made it all the way through your sales letter to the CTA, they probably are ready to buy anyway. Your job with the CTA is to push them into taking action.


The P.S. can be an effective last-minute way to close the sale. The P.S. stands for “post-script” and it can be used either to restate the central points of the sales letter or introduce something new, like adding scarcity or another bonus.

More than one P.S. is okay if you want, but they probably should be capped at three otherwise there’s a higher chance your customer will stop reading. In your P.S., remind the reader of the deal or special offer and add urgency.

I hope you enjoy what you learned today! Check back weekly for updated article and lessons. Or better yet, subscribe by clicking on this link now to get more of these educational articles as they come out.





Free Marketing: Other Social Media Sites

   The easiest type of free marketing is social media marketing. This has taken on increased importance in the wake of the Panda and Penguin upgrades to the Google search engine algorithm. Google now gives more weight to websites that have the most social approval signals, ranking them higher.

Like Search Engine Optimization, social media marketing can take a while to gain traction because it takes time to build a following of social media contacts, interact with them, bring them to your pages, then get them to give you social approval signals.

The best approach is to focus on multiple social media outlets, not just one or two, partly because the popularity of social media sites changes and what is the most popular one today may not be as popular tomorrow. Also, your prospective customers are also using multiple sites, so if focusing only on a few could mean you are missing a large segment of potential customers.

What are the most Important Social Media Sites?

Excluding Facebook and Twitter – which will be addressed in a separate article — the most important social media platforms that you need to be involved in today are:

1. YouTube – Video is the format of choice for web users today. Thanks to 3G and 4G networks and WiFi, nearly everyone has access to streaming video on their smart phones and tablets. YouTube, which is owned by Google, is the biggest and most significant distributor of video.

2. LinkedIn – This site focuses more on business networking rather than social networking. But LinkedIn continues to be an important platform for reaching corporate and commercial customers.

3. Pinterest – Currently, Pinterest is one of the most popular social preference platforms. It allows members post links to things they like. If that includes one of your links, you can expect a ton of traffic to your landing pages.

4. Google+ – Google+ tries to combine all the best features of the other social media sites – such as email, social sharing, social preference – with killer apps like free video conferencing to make it the premier social media site on the web.

Social Comment Sites

Thanks to the spread of mobile media, social comment sites are growing in popularity. These include such apps as foursquare, Urban Spoon, Yelp and many others. Social comment sites let users post comments, reviews, images, ratings and other opinions on businesses they visit or any topic they like directly from their mobile devices.

This can have serious consequences, especially for the brick and mortar business owner, because if customers post negative comments it can not only hurt your reputation but also can continue to linger on the web for a long time. On the other hand, positive comments can help drive more foot traffic to your business.

For the web-based marketer, social comment sites’ benefits lie primarily with social approval signals they can provide. Positive reviews of your web pages can help boost your web page ranking on Google. You also should quote positive reviews on your own web pages, social media accounts, or even in advertising and marketing materials.

Value of Social Approval

Social approval signals can help your marketing efforts go “viral”, which refers to techniques that use social networks and other web tools to produce explosive awareness in brand or product awareness.

Like viral infections or computer viruses — which spread from computer to computer exponentially – social approval signals such as Facebook “Likes”, Tweets, Google Plus “+1’s” and others can spread the word your brand or products quickly.

Internet users now have the ability to share and spread viral messages they enjoy faster and with more people than ever before with literally the push of a button. One person can promote your posting to hundreds or even thousands of social media contacts, who can then pass the it on to tens of thousands or even millions more.


Google+ takes the best features of the internet’s most successful sites – including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and even YouTube – and puts them all in one place. That makes them easier to coordinate on your Google+ brand page.

Google+ allows you to create individual Circles for friends, family, acquaintances, employees, vendors, or any category you want. You also can create sub-categories within these Circles to make it easier to communicate effectively with specific groups.

Hangouts is Google+’s free web-based chat program that lets you interact with other users in real time using text, video, or audio feeds that are connected directly to your Google+ home page.

Hangouts can be used for many purposes, such as providing live video one-on-one video customer service, answering customers’ questions, or showcasing your products’ best uses. You also can use it to host webinars, record them and then make them available online as squeeze page giveaways.
Hangouts also offers a feature called On Air, which allows you to link your Hangout to your YouTube channel, where it can be broadcast and recorded, providing access to your videos to an unlimited number of viewers via YouTube. Viewers can even submit live questions and comments via text.

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  The Law Of Attraction In Relationship

The law of attraction simply refers to the capability to attract to your live whatever we focus on. The law works regardless of religious belief or even nationality. We are highly susceptible to the law of attraction. This law utilizes the power of the mind to translate our thoughts and result in them a reality. About the law of attraction, all our thought are bound to turn into reality. If you focus and concentrate on the negative doom, you will possibly remain under the gloom cloud for the rest of your life. However, if you focus on the positive thoughts with objectives, you will perhaps find a way to achieve them with extensive actions. The universe contains numerous laws bonding all the human beings, but this article will focus on the law of attraction. You focus on positive thoughts will help to achieve them upon actions.

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The universe is an infinitely beautiful place for human beings to interact freely. The law of attraction defines our imagination and thoughts towards other people. As widely known, love is the humanity’s biggest preoccupations. It is the driving force behind our existence. The law of attraction plays a big role in our relationships. Love drives our emotions, affections, and actions towards other people and makes people love others intimately. Our attraction towards other people surpasses our geographical regions, age or ethnicity. Love should not be underestimated within its’ significance to our overall happiness and well-being. The law of attraction blinds us to hate others. It counts less if you wish to find your life’s great love, just maintain the love in the current relationship. It works best for us all, and the results are visible to all when you choose to be feeling to be loved.

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We all know that the law of attraction can be manifested in our relationships and output positive impacts. Such activates love for one another and replace the negative emotions with positive affirmations in our lives. You should be keen when applying the law of attraction. The law of attraction removes the feeling of being in a bad light as it is a common thought filled in those in a relationship. When driven by this law you discover the ability and your value to find your partner who you can trust and built a good relationship with great love.

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   Attract Money With Your Thoughts


Money and wealth are a pinnacle human want and needs that we ultimately must utilize. People engage in multiple activities just to have a fair share of notes and coins in their pockets; acquisition of more money is equally more pleasurable with the inherent ability to own things we like. However to many money excesses is just a boomerang phantom dream, we see it coming but a kick of reality casts it away for mere sighs of how I wish. Arguably, the wish is as good as reality, what we think we can achieve. The law of attraction propels us to actualize the reality of acquiring more money.

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How effectively can you do this? Well, the actual reality is as good as the thought, therefore; you need to plant the seed of wealth creation. Battles are first won in mind and your first battle is to overcome the anxieties of how few or less there is of it. Let your emotions and response come out of the limited quota of money. View things in this dimension, I have money that can buy this and that or my pocket money can pay my monthly bills. Developing this scope of thought shows that already you can handle certain aspects of your obligation. This helps you to plant the seed for why you need extra money. Yes, you can buy this but a bigger item will suit us, therefore you have already set the tone to attract more money. Already the ability to think of what you have was achieved with your current money balances implying an imminent ability to handle higher standards.

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After planting the seed and the idea of why you need extra money then the question of how arises. The law of attraction denotes an induction mode of thought, a mirror of mindset and the image of actual success. We definitely ought to plan, act and realize our money goal. Consider the guy/girl you really had a deep crush on. Indeed, you had all the right mindset and dreams of being together, enjoying an emotional quality time. However, for everything to actualize you had to make some actionable moves. You may have started with a simple smile or both body and facial gestures. Thereafter a bold move to which you expressed your feelings up front. Such moves made the other party aware of our intentions, therefore, opening up the room for engagement. This in actual sense warmed them up to you, giving you more time and space to induce them entirely. Similarly taking a similar approach to money opens up the possibilities of its further acquisition.

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Making the dream vivid in every way propels us to real fulfillment. Check out the things you hope to buy with the extra money. Envision yourself having them, test the products if possible. That way you become accustomed to it, thus preparing you for full ownership. Remarkably being engaged on our desires makes the unthinkable possible, it is as if your whole body is patting your back and saying, “hey that is your new…”

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The Law of Attraction states that we all have the ability to bring into our lives whatever we want. This is the simplest way to state it. A more effective way to lay out the Law of Attraction is to say that we, as individual parts of a connected universe, each have the ability to focus on what we need, or want, and bring it into our lives.

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One part of the Law of Attraction is the Law of Vibration which states that everything from the sun to the ice cubes in your drink is just energy. Everything moves at a different frequency, but everything around us is in a constant state of vibration. In the end, our brains translate the world around us into a perceivable reality.

John Wheeler was a theoretical physicist born in 1911. He was responsible for coining terms like 'wormhole,' and 'quantum foam,' and he worked with Niels Bohr to explain the basic principles of nuclear fission. Anyway, John Wheeler theorized that we live in a "participatory universe." What this means is he thinks our observations may contribute to the creation of our reality- which is to say that each and every one of us are creators.

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If we live in participatory universe where we are collections of energy moving at specific frequencies, then the minds that translate our reality for us are also capable of changing our reality. Each of us has the ability to attract into our lives the positive or negative by focusing on the positive or negative aspects of our lives and our universe.


The Law of Attraction has an impact on the individual lives, health, and wealth status of each of us. This is not to say that by simply thinking one good thought a person will become instantly rich, nor will any amount of physical manipulation have an effect. This power is in each of us. It is internal, and it is much like a muscle in that it has to be exercised and used to be effective. Attracting what we want into our lives takes time, effort, and for some people, perhaps a little cognitive re-framing. However, persistent positive thought toward what is healthy can bring that positive health into our lives.

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These Three Options Are Perfect for Those With Bad Credit


Many banks are hesitant to provide loans to people with bad credit. But that does not mean you can’t get a loan. In fact, if you do your homework, you will find that there are quite a few places to get loans even up to $15,000 with poor credit. Below you will find a list of just a few of those places.


Peer to Peer Lending
There a quite a few peer to peer lending sites on the internet today, and they provide a great option for getting a bad credit loan. These loans are given out by individual who only ask for some interest in return. The lenders know the risk and are willing to give loans to those who have poor credit. So expect to pay a little more in interest to secure one of these online loans.

Asking A Family Member
If you are willing to swallow your pride, getting a loan from a family member is a great option. Most of the time family members will not ask for the interest which is always an added bonus. This will allow you to make smaller payments and get the loan you need without having to hassle a bank or credit company. But you will need to keep in mind that you will not be building your credit when borrowing money from the family, but if you need a loan quickly, it’s a great option.

Taking Out Title Loan
Do you own your own car? If you own a car and have the title, you can take a loan out. This is a quick way to get a loan and most of the time your credit history will never come up. While you won’t be able to borrow thousands of dollars, you can get a small loan that can help pay bills or other expenses.


Loan Options for Those With Bad Credit  


When it comes to loan options for bad credit, you may feel like nothing is working out for you. But if you know the right places to look, the process does not have to be difficult. Below we are going to learn about several different loan options that people with bad credit will be able to benefit from.

Ask A Family Member to Co-Sign
A great way to get a loan of up to $15,000 is to have a family member co-sign for you. Remember that that whoever co-sign’s for you will need to possess good credit. If you can find a co-signer, the loan process will be easy and the chances of getting approved is much better. So if you need a loan, why not speak with someone in your family today?

Take Out a Loan on Your Home
Do you own your own home? If so, then you can put it up for collateral and get a rather large sized loan even with bad credit. Even if you already have a mortgage on your home, you can often take out a second mortgage if you have enough equity built up. Many people go with this option when looking for a personal loan. But remember, it is your responsibility to make the payments to avoid a foreclosure.

Find A Credit Union
Credit unions are all over the place and finding one will be easy. These banks have the ability to offer loans to those who have a not so perfect credit. You will be happy to find that most credit unions offer affordable interest rates so paying back your loan won’t be an issue. This means you will have small monthly loan payments that will be easy to handle. At the same time, you will be building your credit back up during the repayment process.