Are you a newbie internet marketer?...Then you may not have heard about the global domains international, where to start and how it works, however if you are interested in knowing more about the Global Domains International, this article will give you all the necessary information and I guarantee that before the end of this article you must have settled on an informed choice of whether or not to join the Global Domains International.


The Global Domain International has been around since the year 1999 and was started by internet entrepreneurs Michael Reed and Alan Ezeir and overtime the Global domain international has taken the internet by storm in the field of domain names and website services. Initially offering the domain name extension WS. These entrepreneurs have been able to build a large domain by incorporating free high-tech sales video into every domain account in Global Domains International, these videos have been used and personalized by GDI independent sales representatives to generate new accounts. This has enabled the company to acquire new business and grow incredibly fast. It is important to note that their dated presence is absolutely an indication of dependability and lifespan; both of which are perfect qualities when hoping to put resources into a business.

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Similarly as with other organization, Global Domain International has an item or benefit line. This one of a kind organization offers. WS web space properties and an economical site facilitating administration, the global domains for websites and hosting package cost $ 10 per month, and this package includes a.WS domain registration, up to 10 email addresses, hosting fees, website forwarding and a website building interface that is easy to use.
The WS domain is established globally and works like any other highly-noted domain. Given the fact that dot-com domain is a lot more difficult to purchase the desired domain name like GDI stresses that the WS domains are still more readily available. Businesses, schools, people and sports organizations can still access and register a simple top-level. WS domain names. The Global domain international company advances an attractive product offering a high caliber and attractive item is yet another alluring component of this multi-level marketing organization. It has committed members and the WS domain owners include US corporations such as 3M, Geico international, Bose Corporation, choice hotels, Sherwin Williams and Michelin Tyres, and many more, it has registered well over 100, 000 domains and continues to grow as it has been recently named number 37 on Inc. magazine top list of 500 fastest growing companies.



Well as an internet marketer it is important to note that the GDI business opportunity is an MLM business that has a global grasp and fascination, all main forms of payment are accepted such as Visa, Master card, Debit card, Master card, Debits cards, PayPal and many more. The compensation plan is a unit level plan which is one of the more straightforward models for network working. Each affiliate earns one dollar every month, per domain that has been registered in their own network which can go five levels deep for each person. There is no limit to the width so affiliates are given the chance to refer an infinite number of people to the company and they can receive bonuses for referring new affiliates to the company.
For prospective purposes, both email leads and telephone verified business opportunity leads are vacant for sale to affiliates who are having a hard time producing their own leads. The affiliates are given a personalized website to introduce the opportunity online and when a prospect follows a link in an email they are taken to the presentation, and they are shown an animated video about the company and are then presented a seven-day free trial to get started. It will cost 10 dollars every month to continue an active affiliate.

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